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Caves (IndiesMG/Cuneiform Records 2010) 

1) Jeskyně (Cave)
2) Kapka (Drop)
3) Propast (Abbys)
4) Naviják (Reel)
5) Valounek (Nugget)
6) Fascinace (Fascination)
7) Stropy (Ceillings)

8) Úkryt (Shelter)

9) Mariana (Marianne)

10) Puklinka (Cranny)

11) Ukolébavka pro Anžku (Lullaby for Anezka)



20 Letu (20 Flyears) / Puding (Pudding) 2DVD (Indies, 2006)
Disc 1 is home theater quality stereo video recording of Uz Jsme Doma´s epic 20th anniversary celebration concert at Theater Archa in Prague in 2005, which featured an extended medley of UJD´s catalogue with costumed guest appearances by former members, including saxophonist Jindra Dolánsky.
Disc 2 is a 60-minute documentary about the band featuring dozens of interviews with former members, rock critics, and fans, plus rare archival footage and media clips. In Czech with English subtitles.
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20 Letu (20 Flyears) CD (Indies, 2005)
A sort of UJD family reunion, this is a recording of Uz Jsme Doma´s epic 20th anniversary celebration concert at Theater Archa in Prague in 2005, which featured an extended medley of UJD´s catalogue with guest appearances by former members, including saxophonist Jindra Dolánsky, Alice Fleserova, Romek Hanzlik, Jarda Cvach, Honza Cejka, Petr Bohm, Jirka Zavodny, Ota Chlupsa, Roman Kolarik, Mila Novy, and Jula Horvat. UJD´s current lineup plays songs from Rybi Tuk and rearranged classics backed by a large choir.
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Rybi Tuk (Codliver Oil) CD & LP (Indies, 2003)
1) Pocity plotu (Fences´ Feelings)
2) Triska (Sliver)
3) Tiha (Weight)
4) Mlha (Fog)
5) Lavina (Avalanche)
6) Chvile (While)
7) Tvar (Face)
8) Hodiny (Hours)
9) Rec (Speech)
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Triska (Sliver) 7" Single (Polyvinyl Records, 2005)
This nicely designed 7-inch features a new song from the Rybi Tuk full-length album. Other side features band ZZZZ doing Assassination Polka--a nice complement to UJD! Limited to edition of 300 on Polyvinyl Records.
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Usi (Ears) CD (Indies, 1999)
1) Bosi (Barefeet)
2) Tenky led (Thin Ice)
3) Kovbojska (Cowboy Song)
4) Oko (Eye)
5) Usi (Ears)
6) Strach (Fear)
7) Pot (Sweat)
8) Reka (River)
9) Ticho (Silence)

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Pohadky ze Zapotrebi (Fairytales from Needland) CD (Indies, 1995)
1) Ranoc (Mornight)
2) Znovu (Over and Over)
3) Kouzelnik (Magician)
4) Bila hul (Blindman´s Cane)
5) Hlina (The Soil)
6) Azpak (Mr. Manyana )
7) Tadyna (Hereona)
8) Vodnik (Water-sprite)
9) Tani (Melting)
10) Kuzelina (Ms. Lazy-bones)
11) Malokdo (Hardly Anybody)
12) Todobot (ShoePhill)

Hollywood CD (Indies, 1993)
1) Koroze (Corrosion)
2) Polykat (Swallowing)
3) Jassica
4) Zvonek (A Bell)
5) Hollywood
6) Vlazna a sediva (Tepid and Grey-haired)
7) Poslepu (After Blindness)
8) Cajdak (Soap Opera)
9) Belveder
10) Jdi tam, nevím kam, přines to, nevím co (Go there I don´t know where bring it I don´t know what)

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Nemilovany svet (Unloved World)
CD (Indies, 1992)
1) Suknickar (Chaser)
2) Mu je ha
3) Tangrest (Tgoosberry)
4) Jazz 1960
5) Vylov rybnika (Draining This Pond)
6) Napul (Halfway)
7) Nemilovany svet (Unloved World)
8) Tradicni kocka (Traditional Cat)
9) Delikatesa (Delicates)

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Uprostred Slov (In The Middle Of Words) CD (Indies, 1990)
1) Amen
2) Jo nebo nebo (Yeah Or Or)
3) Julecek
4) Telefon (Telephone)
5) Uprostred slov (In The Middle Of Words)
6) Dite (Child)
7) Fikus (Rubber Tree)
8) Sousedska (Neighborly)
9) Sopot (Town In Poland)
10) Soubor opatreni (New Progress Regulations)
11) Mek medu (Mack Madoo)
12) Santrucek (Shantrooczech)
13) Kreslak (Glam Leather)

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Uz Jsme Doma Pop-up Kniha plus CD
Jaro, Peklo, Podzim, Zima (Spring, Hell, Fall, Winter) (1996)
Eleventh anniversary book recounts the band´s history in an elliptical way with lush full-color paintings by Velisek on interactive cardboard pages with new texts and paper engineering by Miroslav Wanek. Attached booklet chronicles the band´s origins and collaborations in depth, including a list of all concerts to date. CD is soundtrack to Czech TV film about the work of Martin Velísek, the band´s designer who is responsible for UJD´s distinctive look.

Patnact Kapek Vody (15 Drops of Water) [Best of CD] (Indies 2000)
1) Strach (Fear)
2) New Progress Regulations
3) Koroze (Corrosion)
4) Fíkus (Rubber Tree)
5) Kuzelina (Ms. Lazybona)
6) Hollywood
7) Hlina (The Soil)
8) Jazz 1960
9) Nemilovany svet (Unloved World)
10) In The Middle of Words)
11) Kouzelnik (Magician)
12) Reka (River)
13) Napul (Halfway)
14) Jassica
15) Ticho (Silence)
16) Poslepu (After Blindness)

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Vancouver 1997 Live CD (Indies, 1997)
1) Belveder
2) Znovu (Again)
3) Ranoc (Mornight)
4) Sopot (Town In Poland)
5) Tani (Melting)
6) Tadyna (Hereona)
7) Kouzelnik (Magician)
8) Hlína (The Soil)
9) Kuzelina ((Ms. Lazybona))
10) Todobot (ShoePhill)
11) Telefon (Telephone)
12) Jo nebo nebo (Yeah Or Or)
13) Napul (Halfway)
14) Koroze (Corrosion)

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East Timor Benefit Album CD (1999)
Various Artists. Includes rare live recording of UJD classic "Jassica."

Czeching In CD (1996)
Various Artists. Includes UJD and other seminal Czech bands.

Roll Over Teplice LP (Ann Records An 0001-1311, 1991)
Producer: M. Wanek. Cover Design: Martin Velisek.
Teplice is the north Bohemia hometown of Uz Jsme Doma known for its lively punk scene. Side A contains three UJD tracks: Mek Medu, Santrucek, and Kreslak. Clear plastic inner sleeve, w cover-sized paper inlay, folded in half, w Czech writing by Pavel Rajcan on one side and lyrics plus release-info other records on the other side.